Countries that built DPI have fast-tracked progress via minimalist interventions
achieved in one decade the level of financial inclusion that should have taken 5 decades
from zero to 180 M real time mobile payments per day in less than 2 years
23 M vulnerable individuals received COVID Relief cash transfers worth $5.8 B, largely using PromptPay

What is Digital Public Infrastructure

Digital Public Infrastructure is an approach to solving socio-economic problems at scale, by combining minimalist technology interventions, public-private governance, and vibrant market innovation.

Common examples include the Internet, mobile networks, GPS, verifiable identity systems, interoperable payments networks, consented data sharing, open loop discovery and fulfilment networks, digital signatures, and beyond.

DPI Architecture Principles make digitisation inclusive & scalable

Digital Public Infrastructure

boils down to these core building blocks that drive market innovation across sectors

IIT Bangalore IIT Bangalore

CDPI is a pro bono tech architecture advisory team housed at an academic institute - the International Institute of Information Technology, Bengaluru.

We are a team of DPI builders passionate about fast-tracking countries’ inclusive growth.


Our Mission

Catalyse countries’ digitisation journeys with high impact DPI to drive inclusive, innovative, and competitive national growth

Our Focus

Most of you won’t need our help - you know how to design DPI for your country best. But if you want to brainstorm ideas, we can help you design the technology architecture as well as connect you to a network of partners for policy support, project implementation, and funding.

The Team